February 7, 2023
TV Review | Star Wars: Resistance

Megan heads to the Colossus to get to grips with the first few episodes of Disney’s new animated series

Well, it’s finally here. Star Wars Resistance has finally landed on screens across the world. Having seen it several times now, I have to say that it was…as expected. It was interesting enough to keep me watching all the premiere episodes.

From these episodes alone, it seems like this will fit into the standard spy genre, with a few variations thrown in for good measure. Dave Filoni is helming this show and despite what I’ve seen, I still trust him and his team. The animation and backgrounds were good even if the characters themselves could…use some work to put it lightly. To me, it seemed like Bucket, while funny at times, was just there to be another Chopper. That is, there to antagonize the main crew as the story needs. It worked in The Clone Wars and Rebels so why not include one here? I get that many people, groups, teams, etc…utilize some form of an astromech droid, but please give him/her a different personality than “New Chopper”.

TV Review | Star Wars: Resistance

Now, while I found myself identifying with main character Kazuda Xiono a lot more than I thought I would (i.e. he is me to a T, scared, nervous and eager to competently complete his assignment as both a mechanic and spy), the fact that he doesn’t know how or even bother asking Poe or Yeager for tips on how to do so, really annoys me. Sure, the latter will explain to Kazuda to just act as a mechanic and later racer in order to avoid suspicion and likely death, but an explanation would help.

Star Wars: Resistance | Our Verdict

“If you want to be a spy, act as a racer/mechanic, but keep an ear or two out for anything suspicious. If something looks or sounds suspicious as you’re purposefully looking for information, make yourself look busy so the person/people talking have less of a chance of realizing what you’re doing. Fail that and you will likely die.” Not that hard for Yeager to explain to Kaz before leaving the kid to complete his assignment. Kaz’s lack of spying aside, he’s a good, if annoying, kid and I would hate to see him fail early.

Another thing that really annoys me about this show is how it talks down to its audience at times, explaining who is behind what or instantly shoving it the viewers’ face rather than having that as an episode or season-long mystery. As frustrating as it was in Rebels, I will admit it was a good storytelling device. It was a large part of why I kept coming back every episode and did whatever I could to watch the episode as soon as it premiered either on the app or on TV. This isn’t to say that Resistance doesn’t have any mysteries, simply that many of the plot points aren’t as compelling as those in Rebels due to the above reasons.

Star Wars: Resistance | Our Verdict

Enough about the characters and annoying storytelling points, what about the animation? I said I like it, but what specifically do I like about it? I would have to say the fact that it looks like a good fusion of Western animation with an anime style, the latter of which I know Dave Filoni was going for. Prior to seeing these episodes, I thought this show was going for a heavy anime style. Seeing it now though, I’m amazed Dave was able to blend the two styles as well as he did.


When looking at both Kaz and Yeager, I can see heavy influences of both Ezra and Kanan respectively but done in an anime-influenced style. Somehow, despite the fact that I can see influences of both previous characters, it doesn’t bother me. If anything, it actually adds to my interest in the show.

Despite what I have said, I do plan to continue watching the show. As I said, the animation is interesting and I’m curious to see how these characters grow and change. For now, I trust Dave Filoni and his team (even when they stab my emotions with the world’s sharpest steak knife before twisting it around for good measure) and am slightly curious to see what they go with this show.

With all of that said, it’s now time to get into episode-specific spoilers. When we first meet Kazuda Xiono, he is this extremely green senator’s son and shortly thereafter learns that he’s had to do very little on his own. As a matter of fact, this spy mission on “The Colossus” seems to be the first thing he’s ever done completely on his own. Something which is painfully obvious in both his personality and lack of real-world skills. As much as I can relate to him, even I knew how to do spy better at his age. Just act casual and go to places you think relevant information is likely to be shared. Even if you just have a drink and/or food in your hands and are sitting alone at a table “people watching” chances are in the Star Wars universe, you’re bound to hear something interesting or useful. Basically, just act casual and blend into what you’re playing and it is likely you’ll eventually hear something relevant to your assignment.

Star Wars: Resistance | Our Verdict

One thing that interested me about the pilot episode titled “The Recruit” though, was Kaz unwittingly getting sucked into a race against an undefeated pilot. Even though he lost, it’s not exactly the best way to remain below the radar so to speak while completing his mission as a spy. Then again, maybe it is. After all who would suspect a local celebrity star pilot who flew in the sky races, of being a spy? This is a narrative device I have seen done only one other time in another animated show years ago on a different channel. While the idea didn’t work out too well there, with Dave Filoni helming this show, I have little doubt it would work here. Should the writers choose to have the story go in that direction, of course.

That aside, something else I enjoyed about this first episode was Yeager and Kaz’s relationship. While at first, the former was a bit standoffish to the latter, they of course eventually began forming a sort of mentor-mentee relationship not too dissimilar to that of Kanan and Ezra, by the end of the episode. This was something I could easily see from the premiere episode all the way through to the third episode titled “Fuel for the Fire”. As of the writing of this article, it’s all we have to go on so far. While still resistant to help Kaz much, one can still tell that Yeager does want to help him. That is, if not for something in his past that we will likely find out by the end of the season, at the earliest. This is something that seems to have a connection to his past likely as a racer on “The Colossus” with his original ship, his original racer, the name of which is unknown for the moment.

TV Review | Star Wars: Resistance


Moving on to the next episode “The Triple Dark” we see Kaz following his first potential lead. Of course, as a senator’s son with what seems to be no prior experience spying, he messes up in just about every conceivable way and thus has to be saved by his new work crew. While frustrating, it is at least understandable for his character. My problem with this is, come on kid, didn’t you at least watch some spy holovids growing up? While not entirely realistic I’ll grant him, there are still something one can glean from about how not to get caught. Sorry, I keep hitting on that, but right now, it’s my main annoyance with this show. Well, that and this kid’s constant complaining about how he’s only a pilot, or a spy or something else trivial. While understandable, as he is likely only in his late teens, maybe early 20s at the most, come on kid, grow up, suck it up and be a team player. That is unless of course, he doesn’t know how to ask for help either due to having everything practically handed to him his whole life due to his father’s high sociopolitical position or another yet unknown reason. Either way, I’m hoping he turns out like Ahsoka, starts off annoying as hell, but turns into another beloved character.

As for the last episode of what I’m calling the premiere package on the Watch Disney US app “Fuel for the Fire”, Kaz is sucked into a group that only hopes to use him for their own gain in winning the next sky race. Of course, it is not until the last five minutes of the show that Kaz figures this out. This is despite how suspicious the group asks when he asks them to join him for a bite at Aunt Z’s, the local diner/cantina. Overall, this seemed to be a filler type episode that is usually seen more in the middle of the season than the beginning. To me, this is really worrying. If the beginning of the season is like this, then what will the rest be like. While there does seem to be plenty of room for the show to stretch and grow, it is hard to say if or how the show will do that.

The only thing of any real significance that seemed to come from this episode was the fact that Yeager had a small container of hyper fuel. The question is why? While it does seem to be connected to his hidden racer, the question is, what type of ship is it that needs that fuel and why he is being so secretive about it?

TV Review | Star Wars: Resistance

All of the above said, do I plan to come back to the show for reasons other than simply to keep up with current Star Wars lore and see if the story goes the route of having a local celebrity act as a spy? Sure, it’s interesting enough, and as I said the visuals and animation are cool. Just, unlike Rebels, this won’t be a show I plan to stay up and watch as soon as it comes out on the Disney Now app at 12:01 am on Sundays. Who knows, as the show goes on and we learn more about the characters, I can only hope that will change. At the least, I’m willing to give it more of a chance than the first few episodes. Even if I lose interest in the show, I do plan to review it every so often just to see where it’s at and how it has grown, if at all.


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19 thoughts on “TV Review | Star Wars: Resistance

  1. Just wait for Hosnisn Prime to blow up. Kaz will really grow up then.
    But I understand the sentiment. Kaz comes from a point of privilege AND peace time. Leia, who was also rich as a princess, was raised in Imperial occupation. She knew war as a child. But Kaz doesn’t have that. He was raised in a time of peace. The Resistance is more like a cool club for him to join. But once his home gets blown up, he’ll have something to fight for.
    I hated Ezra in the beginning of Rebels. But he grew on me over the course of four seasons. Kaz just needs time to grow.

      1. Thank you. I’ve been so busy all day and meant to get back to this comment as well your other one. Glad you liked it. There was actually more that I wanted to add, but I didn’t want this review to turn into a short story. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. lol I totally understand! I think my Resistance review was like six pages long (eight when you add the pictures!). I had to cut a good chunk out of my review too. There’s a lot to say about this little show. I had a page just on the aliens alone and how it’s a huge push forward with Star Wars. Aliens are the “Other” and could read as a coded Outsiders story in a galaxy where humans are dominant. I talked a good deal about that and how I love the new supporting cast of aliens.

      3. Being as I typed mine on here, I have no idea how long it originally was with and without pictures. What I do know is that I parts I chose to cut out mainly dealt with the music and thoughts on other characters such as Tam Ryvora and Neeku Vozo.

      4. The big thing I cut out of mine was delving into how aliens in Star Wars are a deeper immigrant story, like Thrawn in the 2017 Thrawn novel. I simplified it and kept it more streamline without going too hard into it.
        Man, I want to see more of Tam and Neeku. Kaz is fine, but it’s all the rest of the cast that really has my attention.

      5. Eh, Tam is the female mechanic, right? If so, her practically constant complaining from the moment Kaz shows up is annoying. I understand frustration and complaining (trust me I’ve done my fair share), but come on. Either punch something and get over it, or mutter to yourself. That’s what I typically do anyway.

      6. I think she has a right to be mad. She said right in the pilot that the Fireball was supposed to be her ship, and now Kaz took it over. I think there’s a deeper tie with her and the ship. Though, I’m totally biased towards female mechanics~ I love them and I like her so far. So I’ll be the first to admit that I think she’s playing in a new character trope. There’s not a lot of female mechanics in Star Wars, so I’m down for her. I got my tunnel vision shades on~

      7. I’m not saying she didn’t have a right to be mad (as I would be too if some bratty kid came in and instantly took a ship that was supposed to be mine), just all that all the complaining she did after that really got me.

      8. I can see that. The intention for Tam might be good, but the execution isn’t working for you. I totally can see how she could get annoying. If it keeps continuing, I’d probably start getting annoyed too. There’s a fine line between tough woman messing with Kaz to make him better and tough woman messing with Kaz because she didn’t get her ship.

      9. Something I meant to add is that like you, I too like female mechanics. My only drawback with them, is how they are portrayed. If you watch the CW show, and know who Felicity Smoke is, then you’ll have good idea of how female mechanics should be portrayed. I’m not just talking about in this show, I mean in general. Their smarts should not be the only thing that defines them.

        Sorry that this likely sounded like a rant. It is in no way aimed at you. I’m just putting my thoughts out there.

      10. You’re totally fine! I didn’t take it that way!
        I haven’t had a chance to delve into the CW shows. But I used to be the manager of a comic book store, and my co-worker would come in every week and give me a summary of all of the shows. So I’m somewhat familiar with Felicity and what’s she’s like even if I’ve never seen her.
        I need to get on those CW shows… There’s not enough time in the day!

      11. I know. Arrow returned last night and Flash just had its second episode of the new season. At the same time, I also want to watch Blind Wave’s reaction the Arrow season premiere ep and I’ve also been invited to a baseball watch party. One of my state’s local teams is in the playoffs. Which do I do and which do push off? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Too few hours in the day.

    1. Thank you for the reply. You brought up some really good points as well. While I don’t want Hosnisn Prime to blow up, since it’s part of SW cannon, like you, I am curious as to how it will impact him. Will he curl up into a ball and then fight or skip straight to the fighting part?

      1. It’s interesting to me seeing what people are taking issue with in the show. Clone Wars had it slap stick moment (Stinky, Jar Jar) and so did early Rebels. This show is on par with the other two. I don’t have a problem with it at all.
        It’s funny. I talked in my review of Resistance that my biggest problem with the show is the 10pm time slot. I don’t have an issue with the slap stick nature of the show because it’s an all ages program on Disney Channel. I expected it.
        I think it’s going to progress like Rebels did. It will be a relatively lighthearted first half of the season and progressively get darker and heavier as it goes on.

      2. Yeah, the fact that it comes on at ten pm is likely a good indicator of how it’s going to get dark, since dark stuff is usually saved for the older kids (preteens and up), who are stereotypically up later than their under counter parts.

  2. I feel the exact same. While there are some things that I like about the show there are other things that annoy me as well. But, like you, I’m going to keep up with the show because, why not? It’s still ‘Star Wars’ and who knows. It may be leading to something really amazing.

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