September 27, 2023
Black Series Review: Rebel Trooper | A New Hope

Infiltrate the Tantive IV and conceal the Death Star plans inside the Rebel Trooper’s main computer…

The final action figure to be released in the Tobias Beckett wave of Hasbro’s new Black Series collection is the Rebel Trooper from A New Hope and Rogue One. It took some time for Hasbro to produce a rebel soldier but we’ve finally got one, hopefully, more will follow like a Hoth rebel trooper and Endor Rebel commandos or the Scarif pathfinders! The Stormtroopers need some rebels to fight other than Han, Leia, Luke and Lando!

This first rebel soldier is a success. Hasbro has even used a brand new articulation for this one, it’s an extra articulation on the shoulders (something that MAFEX and S.H. Figuarts always use), it’s very useful when it comes to troopers so it’s nice that Hasbro is finally using it! This figure has 20 points of articulation for great pose-ability.


For this trooper, Hasbro used the face from the trooper who gets a close-up shot at the beginning A New Hope. Even with troopers, they have nailed it with the digital print facial recognition technology, it really looks like the actor!

Up Close:

This figure comes with a rebel blaster and the Death Star plans, which is a good accessory to have included. The blaster fits well in the holster. The Rebel Trooper and his accessories have really good paint applications.


Final Thoughts:

The Rebel Trooper is a great addition to the Black Series and hopefully is the beginning of more figures from the Rebellion!

Will you be adding the Rebel Trooper to your collection? Drop us a line in the comments section and share your thoughts.


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