January 28, 2023
Hellboy | The Trailer Brings Monsters, Hellfire and Brimstone!

Demons have demons, too! The first trailer for Hellboy delivers monsters, mayhem and action galore…

With less than four months until the release of David Harbour’s reimagining of the Hellboy franchise, fans have been waiting with eager anticipation for the trailer to finally arrive. After teasing the world with a series of cool posters and behind-the-scenes images, Lionsgate has finally unveiled the awesome new trailer that delivers monsters, mayhem and bags full of action.

What an incredible trailer. Despite fans of the franchise campaigning for a legitimate climax to the Guillermo Del Toro trilogy, this reimagining looks to be every bit as awesome as Ron Pearlman’s highly regarded interpretation.

Hellboy | The Trailer Brings Monsters, Hellfire and Brimstone!

Whether you’re a fan of the Del Toro movies or not, Neil Marshall’s incarnation is shaping up to be an incredible roller coaster ride of comic book action. In a time where R-Rated comic book franchises are becoming a normality, the timing couldn’t be better for a darker, grittier version of Hellboy.

HELLBOY is scheduled to unleash hell on April 12, 2019.


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