Mafex News | Wolverine and the X-Men are Coming

Medicom Toys announces the arrival of the action figure incarnation of Wolverine and his mutant comrades

In the last few days, Medicom Toys has announced the imminent arrival of not one, but two new action figures from the pages of Marvel Comics which just so happen to be two of the most adored characters ever to grace the pages of comic books everywhere.

The X-Men.

X-Men animated wallpaper

That’s right, Medicom has turned its attention to the mighty X-Men. Deciding to focus on their popular depictions from the comic books and animated series from the late nineties, the Mafex range will soon be bolstered by two of the X-Men’s most iconic warriors. Not only are they producing an action figure of Jim Lee’s Cyclops (AKA Scott Summers), but the range will soon see the debut of a character adored by millions of fans around the world…. Wolverine (AKA Logan).

Mafex News | Wolverine and the X-Men are Coming

The press release images alone have been enough to invigorate legions of fans around the world and send them flocking to import vendors as they clamour to get their hands on the adamantium-clawed Weapon X.

Wolverine will arrive in his classic yellow-and-black costume from Marvel’s “X-Men” comics and will leap into Medicom’s MAFEX action figure line-up! He will stand at 14.5cm tall, and thanks to Mafex’s traditional abundance of articulation will be insanely poseable. He comes with two masked heads and an unmasked head plus a spare cowl, two pairs of hands and another pair of hands with his famous claws extended! A poseable figure stand is included as well.

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This news will delight millions of X-Men fans around the world. With the imminent sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney just around the corner and the future of the X-Men brand destined to fall into the lap of Marvel chief Kevin Feige, the MCU is going to be exploding with awesome characters.

Wolverine is expected to arrive at import vendors in late November.


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