Patty looks ahead to the biggest Star Wars event of the year…

We are just a little over two months away from Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Star Wars fans are anxiously anticipating this event for various reasons.

I asked fans, both those who are attending and those who are unable to attend, what they are anticipating during this 5-day event…


“I am honestly most looking forward to a trailer and a title for Episode IX and especially any information about Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones creators’ trilogies, anything about the Mandalorian or the Cassian series on the upcoming Disney app. There is so much just over the horizon we do not know about and I really want to have some of those illuminated.”

—Paul Regina

“I hope to get together with [my friends] Jeremy and Heather Hunt and family (with others) to watch the stream. I’m taking days off work to be sure I can watch the live stream. We may meet up with Chicka Phant as well for the live stream.

As for content, if we haven’t already gotten one, I want a full trailer for Episode IX, news about Rian Johnson’s trilogy, and Mandalorian news (maybe a trailer there too, or at least pics).

I really enjoy the more subtle bits. Views and tours of the show floor, interviews of special guests, etc. If one of my homies could do a live stream walk-through of the show floor for me…dude I’d be so grateful.”

—David Manderville

“I will be anxious for a super big surprise we never expected. There is always something sooo unexpected!”

—Luann Manderville


“I’m most of all looking forward to finally meeting all my friends in person. In terms of panels, I’m looking forward to Episode IX and Star Wars: Resistance! I’m also hoping for a Kelly Marie Tran photo op.”

—Alexander Leonis

“I’m really looking forward to performing with Saber Guild and our party on Thursday night.”

—Amanda Bond

“I’ll be looking forward to the Live Stream and seeing any new trailers for either Episode IX, The Clone Wars, or the Mandalorian.”

—Brian Jonas


“Seeing old friends, Episode 9 panel / trailer, the autograph hall, and getting the hallmark ornament. In that order.”

—Raynald Gobeil

“Wishing I could go. I’m gonna watching it from the best seat at my home. lol. Even took days off from work to watch it. How crazy am I?!”

—Lori Lezotte

“To see everyone again and trailers for: Episode IX, TCW, The Mandalorian, and Cassian Andor Series. 🙂”

—Rebecca Benjamin

“Catching up with everyone after too long apart and having some FUN! And some live action TV and film announcements would be cool.”

—Mark Newbold

“I am looking forward to wandering the dealer room and finding that one rare or cool collectible that we do not already have.”

—Michael Hammond

“I am most looking forward to meeting up with my online friends and collecting swag from the various groups, organizations and individuals that are available during the event.”

—Patty Hammond


As you can see from these responses, there are plenty of things to anticipate whether you are attending Star Wars Celebration Chicago or not.

So what are you anticipating? Is it the same as some of the responses here? Let FOTF know via our official Twitter ‪@futureotforce‬ and let us know!


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