December 6, 2022
Gremlins Animated Series Announced

Warner Media’s upcoming streaming service has put an animated series based on Gremlins into development…

Like the majority of studios nowadays, Warner Bros. is actively working on a streaming service designed to rival platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime and Netflix. Following their success with DC Universe, Warner Media is looking to fill its platform with a diverse range of popular entertainment and news is emerging that an animated series based on the Gremlins franchise is expected to lead the line.

After successfully bringing two major motion pictures to the screen, Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television will collaborate on the series which is said to be a period piece that follows Mr Wing, the Chinese grandfather played in the films by Keye Luke, as a young man as he goes on adventures with the friendly Mogwai Gizmo.

Gremlins Animated Series Announced!

This is exciting news. Production on a sequel to Joe Dante’s Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch has been suggested for decades but has never made it past the developmental stage, so to have some new Gremlins content officially confirmed to be heading our way is an enticing prospect.

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Source: Variety



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