January 30, 2023

Megan reveals eight easy ways to be a part of Star Wars Celebration for those unable to make the pilgrimage to Chicago…

Wow, it’s difficult to believe that Star Wars Celebration Chicago is just around the corner (roughly forty-seven days away and counting as of the writing of this article), many lucky people have been and continue to get ready for the nearly week-long festivities. While that is good and all, what about those of us who are unable to attend to various reasons? Is it possible to take part in the festivities from a distance? Yes, completely, thanks to the event being streamed live from the first day of panels on April 11, 2019.


With the list below, I hope to demonstrate how you can have Celebration fun from a distance.

1.) Watching From the Comfort of Your Own Home: You’re comfortable the entire time without having to worry about making it to the next line for the next panel or being unable to get a wrist band for the next big panel. More than that, all your favorite food is right at your fingertips without having to worry about waiting in line for it. Having a comfortable (and free) place to sleep at night.

2.) Able to host a watch party for you and your friends who are also unable to attend in person: Due to this event now being live-streamed, it is now possible to watch all the good panels with your best friends and/or family members. On top of this, breaks for food, drinks, bathroom, etc…can be taken as needed without worry of losing your spot in line or missing too much of a given panel.

Star Wars | How to Have Fun Celebrating Star Wars Celebration From a Distance

3.) Not having to worry about traffic: Due to watching at home, once the convention ends each day, there is no need to fight crowds on the way to anywhere else, be it a hotel room, event after each day, or waiting for your uber to pull up in the long line of them outside the convention center.

4.) Not having to worry about “Con Crud” post-event: Due to being at home, there is no need to mix with other potentially sick people in the airport, on the plane, and in the convention center. There is a reason this term exists after all. Who likes getting sick?

5.) Built-in breaks: Going off past Celebration live-streams, between each panel there will be pockets of “dead-air” for minutes at a time allowing for built-in breaks for food, drinks, bathroom, talking about the previous panel, excitement for upcoming panels and more. At this time, you can also rewind to watch parts of panels that missed or just want to experience again, and again and again, until the next panel begins.

Star Wars | How to Have Fun Celebrating Star Wars Celebration From a Distance

6.) Ability to change between cosplay and normal clothes as needed to avoid over-heating: By watching this convention at home, or a friend’s place, it is many times easier to start the day as a cosplay, then change clothes as needed throughout the day without having to take time out to go back to a hotel room or an Air BnB.

7.) If one or two friends can go, it’s a good way to see all the panels: If recording is allowed in a certain panel that is not being streamed due to lack of time/conflicting time, being home and video chatting with them is a great way to see other panels in comfort. More than that, even if recording is not allowed in a panel that is not being live streamed, being home is still a great way to get information after the panel ends while still being able to watch others.

8.) Being pretty much guaranteed a good seat in the house for all the panels that are being streamed: Chances are, even if you did get lucky enough to go to Celebration, you would be stuck close to the back where not much could be seen. Sure, it’s nice just to say you were able to go, but is it worth the money if you can’t really see much? By watching the stream, it is likely that you will have a great view of all the good action.

Star Wars: Episode IX | Filming Begins

As you can see, you can have just as much Celebration fun from a distance as you can by attending. Whether you’re partying from a distance or partying at the event, both have their pros and cons. No matter what, you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun time. Plus with Future of the Force on hand to cover the event across our dedicated social media channels, you won’t miss a thing…


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