February 3, 2023
SWCC | Star Wars Legend Anthony Daniels is Headed to Star Wars Celebration

The legendary actor who brought C-3PO to life in every Star Wars saga film is headed to Chicago.

We have exciting news from StarWars.com. Next month, fans making the pilgrimage to Star Wars Celebration Chicago can thank the maker. Anthony Daniels, the legendary actor who brought the goldenrod droid C-3PO to life in every Star Wars saga film so far as well as Rogue One, is headed to Chicago.

Join him on Sunday at 5:15 p.m. as he presents “Droidography” on the Galaxy Stage, an hour of personal stories, hilarious wit, and an unforgettable in-person experience. Expect the unexpected as Daniels has a marvellous time, sometimes at the expense of unsuspecting audience members.

Or meet the man behind your favourite protocol droid in room W190A all day on Saturday and Sunday of Celebration weekend to get an autograph, snap a selfie, or say hello in one of over six million forms of communication.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago will take place April 11-15 at McCormick Place. We’ll see you there.


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Source: StarWars.com


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