February 3, 2023
The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rey?

Annlyel explores the story arc of Rey in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Rey’s journey so far has been fraught with obstacles. Growing up she lived on Jakku; a harsh world with no rules and only one objective; survive. And that’s what she did. Day by day she had to persevere against all sorts of hardships. It’s what hardened her into such a remarkable scavenger…and warrior. A lot of fans are baffled by how quickly she has gained power in the trilogy so far. I, for one, am not surprised.


She was forced to adapt to her surroundings for her entire life. On Jakku she acquired many skills and she was good at all of them. When she tapped into the Force within herself she had already practically had years of self-taught Jedi training instilled in her. All she had to do was use her skills to become something more. So yeah, maybe she grew to be as powerful as Kylo Ren in a week but hey, did he have to survive living on a junky sand planet for most of his life? I don’t think so.

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rey?

So, no, Rey is not a Mary Sue. Her acceleration with the Force is very accurate and very understandable. Just wanted to put that out there.

So, now her story is coming to a conclusion in The Rise of Skywalker. Where will her story take her next? Well, here’s my theory.

And Rey’s Journey Continues…

Rey has undergone an emotional and fascinating journey as she has learned about the Force, discovered that her parents were Jakku bums (or were they?) and become the new hope for the Resistance but now where does her story take her? What could J.J Abrams pick up story wise where Rian Johnson left off? Well, I have an idea and even though it might not happen I think it sounds pretty awesome.

In The Last Jedi Rey’s sole purpose was to bring Luke back to the Resistance so he could create a new Jedi Order but when he refused to take that responsibility she went to Kylo Ren to turn him good and make him the new hope of the galaxy (which didn’t happen) but not before stowing away the ancient Jedi texts that had called to her early into the movie.

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rey?

So does this mean that Rey will actually be the one to create a new Jedi Order? I think so because it’s what the galaxy needs so desperately. I mean she literally says in The Last Jedi to Luke, “We need the Jedi Order back.” But of course, thanks to the Vanity Fair issue, we now know that Rey hasn’t completed her training yet. But what if she does? Could we see her training other Jedi Knights-to-be?

It would definitely be cool to see other Force-wielders. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Rian Johnson ended The Last Jedi with the image of a boy who clearly had the Force looking up at the stars in hopes that one day he could join the Resistance. And later on this year we’re getting a new YA Star Wars novel, Force Collector, about a teenager with the Force who’s learning to navigate through the galaxy and discover what his destiny is. Is that coincidence or something more?

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rey?

To me, that sounds like the perfect direction to take Rey. And then when Kylo Ren returns with his Knights of Ren (some of which might have the Force) then she’ll have a group of young Jedi at her disposal to take him and his Knights on in an epic battle that would be super worthy of the final installment of this fantastic trilogy.

I think it would also be cool to see Rey in this newer, more mature light considering that her latest movie was such an emotional roller coaster for her. When we see her again she’ll have left the hindering topic of her parents behind and become, like Kylo Ren said, “What she was meant to be.”

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rey?

Of course, this is just me theorizing. J.J Abrams probably has a completely different vision in his mind and this post will just be a bunch of bologna. We’ll have to see.


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