Book Review | Night Night, Groot

Join the Guardians of the Galaxy as they put baby Groot to bed in this Marvel-ous bedtime story

It’s been a long day for baby Groot and he’s ready to be tucked in for bed. Just as his eyes start to close, Rocket Raccoon bursts onto the scene! Groot can’t go to sleep yet, there’s a whole galaxy that needs to be defended and they must work together to save the day! Then maybe, just maybe, Groot will finally get the rest he deserves!

Night Night, Groot | By Brendan Deneen

Night Night, Groot

After a hard day of saving the galaxy, it’s time for Groot to get tucked into bed. Gamora reads him a bedtime story, but then Rocket decides the day’s not over yet! He reminds Groot of all the cool things he did that day with the Guardians and that his superhero friends will always be there for him.

I really liked this bedtime story. Groot is one of my favorite characters and this book is as cute as baby Groot is. I also liked that not only did the other Guardians of the Galaxy make an appearance, but so did many of their Avenger friends.

I am Groot

Night Night, Groot | By Brendan Deneen

Illustrator Cale Atkinson is a Canadian artist and writer. He is the illustrator of numerous children’s books including If I Had a Gryphon and The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold. He is also the author and illustrator of To the Sea, Off & Away, and the upcoming Unicorns 101. His artwork captured the characters well and his use of bold colors bring the story to life.

Night Night, Groot | By Brendan Deneen

I really enjoyed this and think it is a great bedtime story for little Marvel fans. It’s the perfect family read, and young children in about second grade should be able to read this one either independently or with occasional help. Deneen and Atkinson have collaborated again for the upcoming First Day of Groot! releasing on July 2.

Book Review | Night Night, Groot


Night Night, Groot by Brendan Deneen is published by Disney Books and is available to buy from all good retailers now.


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