December 4, 2023
Fright Night’s | 2019 Is a Year of Horror

Annlyel looks ahead to a year of spine-chilling horror movies

Before I begin this post let me tell you, I’m not a fan of scary movies. I’ve only managed to watch four scary movies all the way through; Children of the CornThe Shining, Halloween, and Cujo. I saw bits and pieces of The Exorcist as a child. I’m still traumatized. I recently tried to watch The Conjuring 2. I only made it fifteen minutes in. I’m such a scaredy cat that I can barely make it through The Sixth Sense without totally losing it.

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As someone who is not a fan of scary movies, I’m always terrified to see horror films arrive to torture me via television commercials but it seems like this year is packed full with horror films, namely, horror movie sequels.

Jordan Peele terrified audiences this March with the critically-acclaimed film, Us, starring Lupita N’Yongo. There was the horrifying reboot of a Stephen King classic in April, Pet Sematary. There was the horrific twist on a superhero story with Brightburn. The film that keeps tormenting me with its horrifying commercials is Annabelle Comes Home which is currently in theaters. Chucky returns to give people nightmares in the rebooted Child’s Play (which is set to release in theaters worldwide this week.)

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IT: Chapter Two is set to make another generation deathly afraid of clowns with this super-disturbing sequel to the It reboot that came out two years ago. And in November we’re going to get the highly-anticipated sequel, Doctor Sleep, to one of the most iconic horror films of all time, The Shining. It will focus on Dan Torrence (Ewan Mcgregor) as an adult trying to save a girl’s life–who has the Shining like him–from a horrifying cult who prey on children with the Shining to stay immortal. Sounds like a terrifying plot if you ask me.

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And, I’m going to say it, Joker looks pretty horrifying as well. It may not be considered a horror movie but it sure does look like one. And if that wasn’t enough to get your spine-tingling, Sam Raimi is returning to his horror roots with his latest movie Crawl. A chilling tale of hurricanes and man-eating Alligators!

Fright Night’s | 2019 Is a Year of Horror

To have so many horror films in one year, namely sequels and reboots to iconic horror movies is a bit odd but it’s definitely refreshing. For those of you who love a terrifying thrill, you’re probably so excited to see so many horror movies in one year. Whether these movies actually live up to the hype or not we will have to wait and see but it is nice to see a change of pace from the usual superhero movies, underwhelming or superb action flicks, decent children’s movies, Oscar-buzz dramas, lackluster romantic films, and unhumorous comedies that are sprinkled throughout the year.

While it’s very likely I won’t watch any of these horror movies (because I’m legitimately scared to) I’m glad to see this genre taking a push back into cinema greatness.


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