December 10, 2023
Daniel Craig Brings 007 Back to London in New Video

James Bond is behind the wheel of the iconic Aston Martin V8 once again!

“Pay attention, 007!”

Despite a shaky start, the production on Bond 25 is gaining pace.

Daniel Craig was famously injured during shooting a few weeks back but that hasn’t stopped the actor from channelling his inner Bond to fight back to fitness in record time. And, with the production schedule in full swing, Bond 25 is back filming on the streets of London.

Daniel Craig Brings 007 Back to London in New Video

The character has become synonymous with fine suits, vodka martini’s and a singular dry wit which cuts his enemies to the quick but leading the line of iconography is the quintessential Aston Martin. And yesterday, filming took to the streets of London where Craig was revealed to be driving none other than the Aston Martin V8 which was last seen in Timothy Dalton’s debut outing The Living Daylights.

The official James Bond twitter account posted a video capturing the event which you can see below:

A photo was posted soon after the video debuted, showing Bond walking away from his iconic vehicle with a purpose.

Despite the many hurdles the movie has been forced to overcome, its welcome to see Craig back in full flow as 007 once again. The James Bond twitter account has been posting videos readily of late and is a welcome change of pace for a project normally shrouded in secrecy.

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