February 7, 2023
The Best Moment | Doctor Strange

Annlyel continues her series focussing on the best moment from every instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing with the master of the mystic arts

When I first heard of the superhero Doctor Strange I didn’t know what to expect. And then I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play him?! My skepticism rose even more. But as I sat in that theater watching the movie for the first time it’s safe to say my mind was blown. From the trippy visuals and mind-bending action scenes to the fascinating characters and instantly lovable cape, Doctor Strange has never failed to give me joy. To pick a favorite moment from this vast array of riveting scenes is going to be very challenging indeed but I will try my best.

Doctor Strange

Hmm, after giving this much thought I think the best moment of the film is actually the final scene. Doctor Strange has just helped save the world from Dormammu, Mordo has taken his own path, and the new Sorcerer Supreme must face protecting the world from who knows what evils may be lurking in the hidden realms.

Feeling the weight of the responsibility on his shoulders he climbs the stairs of the Sanctum Sanctorum in slow motion, his cape flowing behind him. It’s easily one of the most epic shots in the entire MCU.

The Best Moment | Doctor Strange

As Doctor Strange stands at the iconic window of the Sanctum Sanctorum he looks at the watch Dr Palmer gave him, understands that even though she officially broke up with him her love for him would always be with him, and gazes at the world outside, prepared for whatever may come. As the camera zooms outward and we see the Sanctum Sanctorum against the backdrop of New York City, coupled with the super epic music composed by the amazing Michael Giacchino, I get chill bumps every time. It makes watching the film a complete joy and is honestly one of my favorite conclusions in the franchise.

Next up, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 😐


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