December 9, 2022
Review | Star Wars: Leia Organa - Rebel Leader

Carl has a royal rendezvous with Leia Organa in Chronicle Books’ fabulous boxset

She is now and always will be our Princess.

The late Carrie Fisher didn’t just play Leia Organa. To us, she IS Leia Organa. Never mind if someone else voices the character on the various cartoon shows or audio books or even video games, Carrie Fisher will never be beaten or replaced. In this year’s final Skywalker Saga movie,’The Rise Of Skywalker‘, we get to see her in the iconic role for the final time. It’s going to be a sad time. Even though the beloved actress passed on in December 2016, due to scenes cut from ‘The Force Awakens‘, she will be seen in the new film. And that’s exactly how it should be. The final Episode film cannot have a Leia shaped hole running straight through the middle of it. It just wouldn’t be right.

Star Wars: Leia Organa – Rebel Leader | by Jennifer Heddle

Review | Star Wars: Leia Organa - Rebel Leader

I have been collecting the Abrams & Chronicle books releases of the fantastic hand painted figurines they have been releasing. Every one of them comes in a lovely looking box with the characters quotes on the side. Each figurine comes with a display stand and a 48 page illustrated book that brings us information and interesting facts about the character portrayed. The newly released Leia Organa figurine is no exception. A lovingly detailed figurine of the character, dressed in the folds of her white outfit from the original film, ‘A New Hope‘, she stands looking at us with her arms folded, looking every bit of the leader she is. She is presented by her top half only, the bottom of the figurine is reserved for the display stand. It is inscribed with the characters name and proclaims her as Rebel Leader.

Review | Star Wars: Leia Organa - Rebel Leader

The 48-page booklet that accompanies the figurine is marvellous. With a lovingly written and detailed story about the character and the actress by Executive Editor at Lucasfilm, Jennifer Heddle, the booklet contains many photographs of Carrie Fisher as the character alongside quotes from the actress herself alongside one from co-star Mark Hamill. And the one photograph that stands out to us is the one showing Fisher with her daughter Billie Lourd on the set of ‘The Force Awakens‘ where Lourd demonstrates a very familiar hairstyle to the one her mother wore in ‘A New Hope‘. Also included is a photograph of various cosplayers dressed as the character, demonstrating the long-lasting impression the character and actress left us with.

Review | Star Wars: Leia Organa - Rebel Leader

I cannot bear to take the figurine out of its box but it deserves to be put on display for all to see. It is perfect for a fireplace mantel or for a glass cabinet display and with the rest of the collection alongside it, will brighten up any home or display. Take a chance and bring our Princess home with you. Put her on display proudly.

Remember…You’re our only hope.

Star Wars: Leia Organa – Rebel Leader by Jennifer Heddle is published by Chronicle Books and is available to buy now. © and TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under Authorization.


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