August 12, 2022
Black Series Review | 0-0-0 “Triple Zero” (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra)

Thomas has a confrontation with the nefarious protocol droid from Hasbro’s Black Series 6” collection

0-0-0, also known simply as Triple-Zero, was a protocol droid designed to specialize in etiquette, customs, translation and torture. He was awoken by Doctor Aphra and the Darth Vader and proceeded to perform various missions for the two alongside his fellow droid and companion BT-1.

This second Black Series wave of 2019 is giving us our very first figures from the canon comics and it’s quite a great selection – Doctor Apra, BT-1 and 0-0-0!

Triple Zero comes with accessories we almost never see with the Black Series – INTERCHANGEABLE HANDS! Yes, you’re reading this correctly! Hasbro has included two interchangeable hands with this figure! This makes me incredibly happy! It’s a feature that should be included way more often like it is with the Marvel Legends line! These two hands are hands without weapons because Triple Zero is not always killing … though most of the time he is!

Black Series Review | 0-0-0 “Triple Zero” (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra)

This figure is a repaint of C-3PO but with new hands and unlike Threepio, this one is a black droid so it’s easy to get it right. With Threepio, it was never shiny golden, it was always off but here the color is correct. It’s even dirty, this droid is a fighter! Great job on Hasbro for the paint app on this one!

FOTF Star Wars The Black Series 0-0-0 Review 9

This figure has 16 points of articulation.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

We all need an assassin droid in our collection!


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