February 7, 2023
London Film & Comic Con | Cosplay Highlights

An inside look at some of the best cosplayers from London Film & Comic Con 2019

This past weekend, fans of all shapes and sizes made the pilgrimage to the London Olympia for the annual London Film & Comic-Con. The event hosted by Showmasters has become one of the best fans events of the year following its launch and this year saw celebrities like Martin Sheen, Billy Dee Williams, Val Kilmer, Ian McDiarmid, Jason Momoa, Hayden Christensen, William Shatner, John Barrowman and Brendan Fraser in attendance.

The event brings together fans from every corner of the world, and they descend upon the event dressed to the nines in full cosplay garb. Their devotion to the cause cannot be understated. Many cosplayers go to extreme lengths to achieve the desired results, and as a writer, one can only marvel at their commitment. Many attend the event dressed in full latex costumes and endure extreme temperatures throughout the three-day weekend and yet, they parade around the arena and bring joy to the faces of thousands of children who were mesmerized by meeting these icons of the screen in person for the very first time.


The representatives from the 501st UK Garrison, Central Garrison, Reel Icons and the Rebel Legion were also out in force to share their fantastic costumes with the fans and were on hand to pose for photographs and sprinkle a little Star Wars magic on the event. These, and countless more fantastic characters were captured around the event throughout the three-day weekend and they were gracious enough to share their experiences with Future of the Force.

London Film & Comic Con Cosplay Showcase:

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These images are a true testament to the lengths these incredibly talented people will go to step into the shoes of their heroes. It is these devoted people who deserve our applause. Not only did they endure the ferocious temperatures in full costume, but they posed for photos, remained in character and heightened the experience for thousands of children who were mesmerized by the chance to see these icons of the screen in person for the very first time. These are the dream makers and they deserve to be recognised as such. The force is truly them and we would personally like to take this opportunity to thank them all for showcasing their brilliance in this article.

LFCC Cosplayers

We look forward to seeing you at the next event. Whether in costume or just as a fan, we’re looking forward to sharing the Force with you.

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