September 27, 2023
First Look | Promo Shots For The Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Wave Released

Thomas gets ready to Assemble the Avengers with Hasbro’s upcoming Endgame wave

Another wave of Avengers Endgame figures will be released this October with Thor as a Build-A-Figure. The wave was first presented at SDCC this year and pre-orders opened not long after. Now Hasbro has released some long-overdue promotional images for Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Thor and Vision!

Vision will be a repack from the exclusive 2-pack Wanda & Vision Avengers Infinity War. This pack was hard to get so fans will be happy for this re-release! It looks pretty great!


Thor comes with two different head sculpts – one with the sunglasses and one without. Now that we have a closer look, it seems the head sculpt isn’t exactly spot-on without the glasses but with it, it seems to be actually good! If you want this figure, you’ll need the entire wave. The left-arm comes with Captain America, the right arm and an interchangeable hand comes with Iron Man, the heads come with Iron Patriot, the torso comes with Vision, the left leg comes with Valkyrie and the right leg comes with Heimdall.

Thor: (Build-A-Figure)

It seems that with this new Iron Man, Hasbro is trying to improve their paint apps. It still looks like plastic but there’s some effort put into it. And it’s most likely the only way to get this MK-80 armor as the S.H. Figuarts version goes to insane prices these days!

Iron Man:

The Iron Patriot seems to be as imposing as the War Machine that was released with the second Avengers Endgame wave. This time, Hasbro got it right, it’s the version of the armor we see in the epic battle at the end of the movie!

The Iron Patriot:

These figures will be available in October, meanwhile, we can probably expect Valkyrie and Heimdall glam shots soon!


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