Marvel | Could Nova Be the New Spider-Man of the MCU?

Annlyel explores the potential for Nova to fill the void following Spider-Man’s removal from the MCU

For the past couple of weeks, the MCU fandom has whined and groveled over the fact that the “door is closed” on the negotiations between Sony and Marvel Studios over everyone’s favorite web-slinger, Spider-Man. So, with Spider-Man’s youthful energy turned to dust before our very eyes as his involvement in the franchise were brought to a skidding halt who will fill his shoes as the next teenage superhero sensation worthy of standing alongside these very adult Avengers? It’s obvious, Nova.

Marvel | Could Nova Be the New Spider-Man of the MCU?

In the comics, Nova’s origin story is almost a mix between Captain Marvel and Spider-Man. On Xandar, the last surviving member of the Nova Corps, a man named Rhomann Dey, is dying. (This perfectly links with the storyline in the current state of the MCU, considering that Thanos went to Xandar and decimated the planet in his quest to obtain the Power Stone.)

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Rhomann Dey then chooses New York high school student, Richard Rider, to take the mantle as a powerful warrior of the Nova Corps. (Funny, he’s a New York high school student just like Peter Parker.) Richard Rider goes on to call himself Nova and becomes an intergalactic superhero as he fights bad guys and saves the world countless times while his family is none the wiser about his true identity until he finally lets them in on the secret further into his story.

While we clearly fell in love with Tom Holland‘s super cute and likable rendition of Spider-Man Kevin Feige isn’t troubled with losing the character to Sony, for he has other plans up his sleeve.

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With Spider-Man leaving the MCU it definitely seems that Nova’s long-awaited debut is on the horizon. So keep your heads up, fellow Marvel fans. A new teenage hero is on the way to steal our hearts and I have a feeling in a few years time, we won’t even miss Spider-Man.


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