January 28, 2023
London Literature Festival | Anthony Daniels: My Life as C-3PO (Live)

The screen legend will regale his audience with tales of being the galaxy’s greatest protocol droid on Sunday 27th October

With the release of his incredible autobiography fast approaching, Star Wars icon Anthony Daniels is jetting off around the world to spread the message far and wide in over six million forms of communication. The book, entitled I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story and published by our friends at DK Books is set to be released on the 31st October and looks to be one of the hottest literary titles of the year.

In I am C-3PO: The Inside Story, Daniels candidly relays his humorous, unvarnished, and extraordinary story as the man inside the machine, providing fresh new insights for even the most die-hard of Star Wars fans.

London Literature Festival | Anthony Daniels: My Life as C-3PO

Even though Daniels is currently hard at work recording the audiobook version, the screen icon has been added to the impressive line-up at the Southbank Centres London Literature Festival. Daniels will be taking over Queen Elizabeth Hall at 7.00pm where he will regale his audience with tales from a galaxy far, far away…

Here’s the official line:

Join Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels as he reflects on his time playing one of the most famous droids in cinematic history.

Daniels is best known for playing the golden droid C-3PO in all of the Star Wars films.
I am C-3PO: The Inside Story is a memoir of his and the character’s cinematic journey and an inside look at an unmatched movie saga.

The book spans decades, from the first time Daniels saw an early concept sketch of the droid who would dominate his professional life through to his last days on the set of the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

This is a must-see event for all Star Wars fans. Book your tickets here


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