Spider-Man Can Return to the MCU, Just Not the Way You Think

Could Apple be about to launch a bid to buy Sony and bring Spidey back to the MCU?

Spider-Man: Far from Home was the perfect movie to release after Endgame. It was fun and informative but still retained enough melancholy aspects to remind us of what Peter lost in Tony Stark’s untimely demise. And then Sony showed up to the party with an agenda to reclaim their web-slinging superhero and suddenly all of the plotlines created in Far From Home for Peter Parker’s future involvement in the MCU went up in a puff of smoke, leaving many fans, including me, devastated. But…a shimmer of hope has arisen in a well of darkness and despair and Spider-Man may be returning to the MCU faster than we think, just not in the way that we expected.

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Apparently, Apple is starting its own streaming service and beginning to eye Sony for a potential acquisition of the company. If Apple does indeed buy Sony to acquire its assets for their streaming service then the rights for Spider-Man will immediately return to Marvel, hence Spider-Man will be back in the MCU.

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This news is such an exciting prospect and while there are surely many fans who would love to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man versus Tom Hardy’s Venom in the ultimate live-action showdown I’m of the fanbase who want to see Spider-Man back where he rightfully belongs, alongside The Avengers.


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