December 6, 2022
Black Series Review | Sith Trooper (The Rise Of Skywalker)

Thomas joins the ranks of the First Order to review the latest elite trooper to enhance the evolution of the Stormtrooper

With Triple Force Friday, Hasbro has unveiled their new wave of Black Series figures celebrating the release of The Rise Of SkywalkerJedi Fallen Order and The MandalorianAll the figures were released on October 4th in the US but the situation is different in Europe. For the Black Series, a handful was released on October 4th with the rest arriving this week for online stores (except the First Order stormtrooper who will arrive next week). However, when it comes to toy stores, the situation is not the same. In France, I have received word that First Edition packaging will be arriving on October 20th at the PicWicToys stores (formerly Toys R’Us) and a part of the First Edition wave is already available in MicroMania stores (French version of GameStop). As for the UK, I have yet to see reports of Black Series founds in toy stores. And thanks to my twitter friend Dominik E. for reporting that the Black Series wave is available in Germany, normal packaging!

Black Series Review | Sith Trooper (The Rise Of Skywalker)

The Sith Trooper is one of the three figures from this wave who is also available in the “Carbonized” format, it’s basically the same figure but with a carbon color paint and a different colored packaging. The Sith Troopers are from the last chapter of the Skywalker saga The Rise of Skywalker. Here’s what the back of the box says about them:

“In its ultimate push towards galactic conquest, the First Order readies an army of elite soldiers that draw inspiration and power from a dark and ancient legacy.”

These brand new troopers have red armor. The armor is in the same style as the normal First Order troopers but with differences. The helmet, for example, is a mix between a First Order helmet with inspiration from the Clone trooper helmet with the T-visor.

FOTF Black Series Sith Trooper (The Rise of Skywalker) Review 7

This figure comes with two blasters.

Hasbro is expanding the new shoulder articulation to the trooper figures. It’s the same articulation that MAFEX and S.H. Figuarts figures use. This articulation was also given to Cal Kestis. This figure has 20 points of articulation.

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This figure has great paint apps and from the look of promotional photos, the armor seems fairly accurate!


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Final Thoughts:

A brand new awesome trooper, perfect for army building!


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