Annlyel shares her favourite moment from George Lucas’ stellar Star Wars prequel Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith is undoubtedly the best film of the Prequel trilogy because there are so many outstanding moments in the movie. From the opening sequence to the very last scene, Revenge of the Sith is the finale you dream of because it is so much better than its two predecessors.

There are many scenes I can recall with extreme fondness but the scene that stands out to me over the years is undoubtedly the moment we see the Death Star for the first time. It’s a chilling notion to the evolution of Anakin’s character as he stands beside Darth Sidious as his newfound self, Darth Vader, while they overlook the creation of the most powerful weapon ever built in the galaxy.


And the music at that part! It’s absolutely incredible. It’s a fascinating remix of the “Imperial March” theme that literally is giving me chills right now as I think about it. It’s the icing on the cake of the incredible storytelling presented for the film and easily my favorite moment of the movie.


Cool, next up, Solo: A Star Wars Story.


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