Thomas infiltrates the Batcave and encounters the awesome Hot Toys Batman figure from Justice League

Hot Toys continues to expand its Justice League line-up with Batman in his main outfit! The latest figure was released in Hong Kong first a few weeks ago and has now been released across the world through Sideshow, Hot Toys’ official distributor.


The box of the deluxe version is MASSIVE for one simple reason – it comes with a special stand – a dead parademon stand so it’s pretty big! The normal version comes with a ramp stand of Batman’s Flying Fox. This figure comes with 8 interchangeable hands, a Bruce Wayne head sculpt, 3 interchangeable sets of eyes, 3 interchangeable mouths, 3 batarangs, 1 grappling with 5 grappling accessories, 1 weapon, a small screen to attach on the arm (using a magnet) and a parademon weapon. This is a good set of accessories, all the weapons are carefully painted and precisely detailed.


The mouths work with a magnet so it’s easily interchangeable on the mask. The eyes, it’s more tricky but it’s rather easy to change as well. As the head can’t move with the mask, the eyes give some sense of movement. There’s one pair that looks on the right, another on the left, and the normal one. The mouths also represent different expressions, all capturing Ben Affleck‘s expressions in the best of ways!

Bruce Wayne’s head sculpt has to be one of the best Hot Toys head sculpts, it’s spot on Ben Affleck, on every angle, it’s just him! Every sculpt they do is amazing but this one is extra special in terms of likeness!


The suit uses a different type of fabric to recreate the different textures of Batman’s outfit. It’s not easy to get superheroes cape correctly but here it works fine, it has the right posture.

As usual with these figures, they have over 30 points of articulation but read the instruction sheets to be sure how it works.


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Final Thoughts:

For the best Batman, you get the best Hot Toys, a must-have!


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