October 1, 2022

Is there a darker future for Star Wars following the departure of Weiss and Benioff?

Last year it was announced that the minds behind the hit HBO drama, Game of Thrones, D.B Weiss and David Benioff were going to helm their very own Star Wars trilogy in 2022. It was a thrilling prospect but unfortunately, this reality has been debunked following the directors’ exit from the franchise Monday night…to pursue their Netflix deal.

Netflix over Star Wars, one of the greatest franchises in cinema history? It seems unfathomable and slightly worrying if I’m being honest. Outside of the Sequel Trilogy Star Wars has had its various behind-the-scenes problems. Rogue One was struck with uncertainty due to the final Scarif sequence taking too long to conclude, causing tons of reshoots to take place just months before the film would hit theaters. Secondly, Michael Giacchino signed on to compose Rogue One just a few weeks before the movie came out. Luckily, the movie still turned out to be a success and would go on to become my favorite Star Wars film.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story, however, wasn’t so lucky. The film was bombarded with controversy, beginning with the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (directors of 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie) 75% into the making of the film, causing the movie to spiral downward into a messy display of confusion.

Because of the late firing of the film’s former directors, the marketing for the movie transpired far later than normal, causing too much content to be crammed into our eyeballs within a few months, dampening the excitement of fans to the point where it would become the lowest-grossing Star Wars movie of all time.


Now, the newest Star Wars trilogy that we will obtain in a few years is already receiving complications. Why is that the case? What would make D.B Weiss and David Benioff sign off from the upcoming Star Wars trilogy?

Is it Kevin Feige secretly pushing his muscle to have his Star Wars film come out before theirs, hence their sudden departure from the franchise. This could very well be the case, considering how quickly Kevin Feige has jumped on the opportunity to make a Star Wars film and how it seems that he’s already searching for A-list actors to star in this brand new story.

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Or it could be the fact that Rian Johnson has delivered Kathleen Kennedy, a great endorser of his, an idea of what his trilogy would entail and she’s decided she’d rather have that story told on the big screen opposed to the rumored Knights of the Old Republic trilogy that D.B Weiss and David Benioff were supposedly going to bring to life.

Whatever the case, this shows that the future for Star Wars, beyond the highly-anticipated Disney Plus series, is murky.


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