December 10, 2022
Avengers Endgame Added to Disney+ Launch

The biggest movie of all time will be available to stream on Disney+ from November 12th

With just under a week until the launch of Disney’s landmark streaming service, Marvel fans have been scouring the House of Mouse’s published libraries and found a gaping hole where Avengers Endgame should be. By now you will know that almost every Disney movie, Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and the Original Star Wars Trilogy are already available in the launch day line-up, but the absence of Earth’s Mightiest heroes came as a bit of a shock.

Well, fear not Marvel fans, Disney+ isn’t about to let you down.

By Odin’s beard! The launch of Disney+ just wouldn’t have been the same without Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and now, fans can stream the epic final battle against Thanos for the low-low cost of just $6.99 a month. Unless you’re a UK customer of course. The UK will be forced to endure another agonising wait for the platform while the rest of the world enjoys a plethora of Disney action at their fingertips.

Not that I’m bitter … at all!

Disney+ bursts onto the streaming scene on November 12th. Happy streaming!


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