November 26, 2022
The Mandalorian A Heart Is Given to the Man in the Mask

Annlyel explores the heart behind the beskar armour of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian. He’s a masked man who has a plan. A helmeted warrior whose code of conduct is his mission. The first episode delivered an idea of who The Mandalorian is, giving us a brief look at his backstory that greatly mirrors Jyn’s own traumatic experience. But beyond that, there wasn’t much more to him than that. Not to say that he wasn’t a thrilling character because I found him to be both very intriguing and likable but the end of last week’s episode gave us a hint that there’s more kindness to this masked man than we might’ve first imagined.

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The second episode builds upon that narrative, developing legitimate goodness to The Mandalorian that has me gushing with enjoyment. Gone is the cold exterior, replaced with the sense that he actually cares about people. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fascinated with a Star Wars character in my life. And it’s not just because he looks cool (which he certainly does). I am just really liking this character.

His choices of weapons are pretty sweet, his gadgets are well incorporated into the story, and I’m sure with each passing episode, he will get more and more interesting until, by the finale, I am practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

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I’m just hoping that the entire series will stay this entertaining and if so, The Mandalorian will undoubtedly become the best thing that has ever happened to Star Wars by a long shot.


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