The Mandalorian | Ludwig Göransson's Score From Chapter 2 is Available on YouTube

Enjoy the soundtrack from Chapter 2 right here with Future of the Force.

Just hours after the premiere of The Mandalorian‘s second episode on Disney Plus, composer Ludwig Göransson has posted the entire soundtrack from Chapter 2 on YouTube. The score, which has been designed as an orchestral western symphony is receiving mixed reactions on social media, however, that hasn’t stopped Star Wars fans everywhere from scrutinising every chord for hints of saga awesomeness.

The Mandalorian Ludwig Göransson Chapter 2

Get your first listen here:

The entire playlist is available to enjoy on YouTube now! Let’s us know your thoughts on the new Star Wars sound!

Team Future of the Force cannot wait to share our thoughts with you on the show. Our US contingent is busy with their non-spoiler reviews so every fan in the UK can be involved in the fun. YOU WILL NOT MISS OUT. That’s a promise.


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