The Mandalorian Chapter 4 - Cara Dune

Annlyel reflects on the fourth Chapter of The Mandalorian

The first three episodes of The Mandalorian have delivered some of the best action sequences in the entire franchise with gritty/perilous circumstances that have allowed the series’ title character, plus his little green friend, to shine in fantastic ways. But that can’t be the case forever, right?

Right. The writers take the story in a different direction, dampening the darker storytelling for some delightful character growth. The Mandalorian, after the events of the previous episode, must retreat to a new planet where he and his adopted son, known right now by everyone on the internet only as Baby Yoda, can relax. However, things play out in ways neither of them expects.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

We are introduced to Cara Dune (finally) and her debut, while entertaining, isn’t as phenomenal as I might’ve first expected. But she does have quite a fantastic punch that is utilized several times throughout the episode. (She and The Mandalorian make a great duo.)

The first hint of romance is also introduced in the series as The Mandalorian meets a woman (whose name I do not know) who quickly finds him infatuating (*chuckles* don’t we all) and presents the question we have all been asking ourselves, “Do you ever take that helmet off?”

The Mandalorian Chapter 4 - Cara Dune

The answer is provided in a satisfactory way that now clears up the helmet mystery that has been on our minds since the first episode. However, the episode doesn’t hit the peak of storytelling that the other three episodes seem to deliver effortlessly until the final minutes of the episode. Suddenly, the tame storyline turns dark in an instant, delivering an impactful conclusion to Chapter Four that managed to actually bring a tear to my eye. In fact, the way Chapter Four ended has me desperate to see what happens next. Now where is this story going to go and how will this season conclude? I have no idea but I do know one thing. There’s a lot more drama (and action) to be found down the road and I am ready for all of it.

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