December 10, 2022
Baby Yoda The Merchandise Awakens

Bring your love of the new The Mandalorian character home! is a place of pure delight these days. A treasure trove of wonders. And today, the jewel in the crown we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived … Baby Yoda (or the Child – a name nobody uses) merchandise is COMING SOON! Yes, the adorable little creature that has captured all of our hearts is finally coming home … and he cannot arrive quick enough!

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian

It’s the face that launched a thousand memes. The surprise debut of the Child, a mysterious alien pursued by bounty hunters on behalf of Imperial interests, was revealed in the debut episode of The Mandalorian — and now it has arrived on much-requested, official merchandise. Lucasfilm and are continuing to work closely with licensees and retailers to roll out some incredible new items including toys, collectables, plush, games, apparel and more! Get your first look at a handful of these cool products below:

Baby Yoda | The Merchandise AwakensBaby Yoda | The Merchandise AwakensBaby Yoda | The Merchandise AwakensBaby Yoda | The Merchandise AwakensBaby Yoda | The Merchandise Awakens

Seriously, how cool are these?

The Child has become a global phenomenon and if these additions aren’t enough to have you saving your credits like crazy products from Hasbro will start hitting shelves later next year, offering a range of items from The Black Series and Vintage Collections to all-new unique expressions of the Child.

View the full range and order yours here:

If I were you, I’d place your order fast. You’ll only be disappointed when stock runs out and I start posting pictures with me hugging a Baby Yoda Plush … just sayin!


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