December 6, 2022
Star Wars | Exploring the Mythology of the Grey Jedi

Katelyn explores the mythology of the Grey Jedi and their greater meaning for the galaxy far, far away…

In 2014 the term “Grey Jedi” started making the rounds. At first, I assumed it to be a sort of club; a fan base mixing light and dark ideas. However, the deeper you dig, the more you might discover that this is not just a fan club.  This term has begun to describe Jedi that we know. The term is meant to be used in relation to a Jedi who has a mix of light and dark practices.  One who only kind of follows the code. In itself, I don’t have a problem with this.  However, now we have casual Star Wars fans believing that the term is canon, which it is not! Not once do we see someone called a Grey Jedi in any book or film. We do not see or hear of a Grey Jedi code. This misunderstanding became evident when I found this little beauty on Facebook this afternoon.


What we see here is a stack of books. Presumably, they are what Luke has managed to save from either his own academy or the original Jedi order before Order 66.

What Rey is rubbing is the cover of a book.

Now, those who do not know the Star Wars universe intimately, believe this to be the Grey Jedi symbol and the symbol for the Old Republic Jedi to be the one from the prequels. This original symbol was probably not the symbol that Luke used for his new academy.

Star Wars | Exploring the Grey Jedi

We don’t know yet if Disney will let us keep that one, but I digress.

Bottom line, Grey Jedi are meant to describe a Jedi who distances themselves from the High Council or one that walks the line between light and dark. I disagree with the wording on that last part simply because those in the Jedi order who practiced things close to the dark side were often warned and then stripped of their title, but another post on that later. We can use this term to describe Jedi in books and films, but we should know that the term is not canon nor is there a “code” or symbol for such Jedi. There is no in-between for a Jedi.


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