September 30, 2022
Star Wars Resistance - The Mutiny Review

Max sinks his teeth into Star Wars: Resistance S2.14 – The Mutiny

Arrgh. There’s a mutiny afoot. This Star Wars Resistance episode addresses a problem that’s been brewing since the start of the season. You have a bunch of horrible pirates on your ship and limited security. You do the math. This situation is volatile and disaster happening is inevitable.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The episode sees the return of the Crimson Corsair with a shipment of B2 Battle droids for the pirate captain Kragen. Kragen intends to use the droids to take over the Colossus. Seeing Super Battle Droids made me feel a lot of nostalgia and the Crimson Corsair’s design is awesome and one of the best alien designs from The Force Awakens. He also has a cool blaster rifle, a cool voice modulator, a cool attitude- he’s just COOL!​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Mutiny Kragen

Captain Doza is very wary of the pirates from the beginning of the episode, and he certainly has the right instincts. Synara tries to vouch for the pirates and brings up a good point. If you essentially imprison an aggressive group of people (which Doza does by limiting their mobility); they are even more likely to rebel. I really like Synara’s character and in this episode, we see her on the precipice of loyalty to her pirate “family” and her new Colossus family.​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Mutiny Synara and Kaz

The B2’s are really crummy and defective, so Kragen hatches a clever scheme to have the seemingly innocent, naïve, intellectual savant, Neeku, fix them. His cover, of course, is that the droids are supposed to help defend the Colossus. Neeku appears to easily take the bait, but Kaz and Synara know better.​​​​​​​​​​​ Also, strangely, the shipment of B2’s comes with a talkative, relatively functional B1 battle droid. Due to his tattered appearance, my knee-jerk reaction was thinking that he might be Mr. Bones from the Aftermath trilogy, but I remember poor Mr. Bones was completely destroyed in the last book.​​​​​​​​​​​ Our B1 friend’s existence seems like an unnecessary addition and to serve as comic relief and a foil for Neeku; but looks can be deceiving. Anton Chekov said if a gun on the wall is seen in Act 1; it must be used in Act 3. Keep that in mind.​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Mutiny Neeku

Final Thoughts:

The writing of this episode is incredibly good and it can be the poster boy for the series as a whole. That being; fun space adventures that involve well-defined characters with some action and twists thrown in. I love Kragen’s sliminess and ungrateful attitude, Synara’s moral compass, Doza’s resolve and most of all- Neeku’s demeanor. I would like to have seen a little more of Kaz but it was made up by Neeku. He is a mechanical genius, but he seems to be completely innocent to the point of cluelessness. Yet, that is not what it seems as well….​​​This episode was a rip-snorting good time and I continue to enjoy this series. I give this episode 90% out of 100. Solid A.


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