Lethal Weapon 5?

Producer Dan Lin updates us on the long-gestating Lethal Weapon sequel

Over the years, the Lethal Weapon franchise has proven itself to be the ultimate buddy-cop series. Richard Donner, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover seemed to capture lightning in a bottle and successfully produced sequel after sequel which resulted in four of the best action/comedy movies of all time.

Lethal Weapon

The hilarious antics of Riggs and Murtaugh are the stuff of legend, and fans have been dreaming over a potential fifth instalment in the franchise since Lethal Weapon 4 first hit multiplexes in 1998. For one reason or another, the proposed sequel has languished in developmental hell for over two-decades ultimately leading the studio into greenlighting a reasonably successful television series.

For years, it seemed that the long-awaited Lethal Weapon 5 would never happen, but with both The Matrix and Bad Boys making an unlikely comeback, Riggs and Murtaugh are eager to dust off the antics for one last ride. And in a recent producers roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Dan Lin stated that development is ACTUALLY progressing. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’re trying to make the last Lethal Weapon movie. And Dick Donner’s coming back,” said Lin. “The original cast is coming back. And it’s just amazing. The story itself is very personal to him. Mel and Danny are ready to go, so it’s about the script.”

Lethal Weapon 3

Wait … what?! Could this actually happen? Could we actually get to see Lethal Weapon 5? It certainly looks that way. Danny Glover was last seen in last year’s Jumanji: The Next Level and Mel Gibson has thrown himself into work following his well-publicised “problems” so that only leaves director Richard Donner. The screen legend has been mainly inactive since directing 16 Blocks in 2006, and at the ripe age of 90, would he want to take up the challenge once again?

Lethal Weapon 2

Personally, I would love to take my seat ready for another rollercoaster ride alongside Riggs and Murtaugh. As a child of the eighties, Lethal Weapon and its fabulous sequels were required watching and played an intricate role in my lifelong love of film. If Warner Bros. can pull this one off I will be both amazed and delighted. And, if they could somehow convince Shane Black to return to pen the script then I, like many fans of my generation will be thrilled.

Over to you Warner Bros. Make us dream!


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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