December 6, 2023
Star Wars Resistance Season 2

Annlyel shares her reaction to the series finale of Star Wars: Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance was the animated series to follow Star Wars: Rebels. It had gigantic shoes to fill. Shoes that it couldn’t possibly fill. For two years, I watched every episode, struggling through nearly half of them, finding myself exhausted and wondering why I was still holding on to a series that didn’t seem to lead to anything.

Star Wars Resistance The New World 1

And then, it clicked. I watched the finale on Sunday and surprisingly, I was moved. After Star Wars: Rebels, I was expecting a story that would end bitterly. The humor would vanish, the peril would arrive, characters would meet shocking demises, when that never happened I was disgruntled and upset. Where was the drama? Where were the noble sacrifices?

Star Wars Resistance No Place Safe 2

But this wasn’t that type of story. It was a story about a group of people who had been brought together by incredible circumstances. A group of people who learned to love one another despite their differences and survived even the unwavering evil of the First Order.

Star Wars Resistance - The Mutiny Synara and Kaz

When the heroes won and shared their final scene together I was actually really happy. Yes, we don’t know what happens in their future, yes we can’t determine if they ever actually joined the Resistance or aided Poe Dameron in the climactic battle sequence over Exegol but I do know this, these heroes, like Rey, Finn, and Poe or Luke, Han, and Leia, won and sometimes that’s all that matters in a Star Wars story.


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