Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Review

Max sinks his teeth into the series finale of Star Wars: Resistance S2.18/.19 “The Escape”

“The Escape” is the last episodes of Star Wars Resistance ever and was a thrilling conclusion to this second and final season. I find it slightly poetic that its title mirrors the two-part finale of Season 1, known as “No Escape”. You can only wonder if this was planned on purpose; or if it was just the will of the Force.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - The First Order Strikes Back

The two-parter starts out dark, with the First Order taking vengeance on the Aeosians for aiding the Resistance. Witnessed through the eyes of Tam and Rucklin, the orbital bombardment is viewed through two VERY different perspectives. Rucklin (who at this point I consider an American accent Star Wars Draco Malfoy) coldly believes that the Aeosians are getting what they deserve while the morally driven Tamara is horrified. Innocent sentients are being killed for no reason, except vengeful spite. Tam; horror still fresh in her heart from the innocent’s killed in the last episode, decides she wants out.

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Tam Reprograms Mouse Droids

​​​Using her mechanic skills, Tam is able to reprogram one of those cute little mouse droids into helping her. For the purposes of time (presumably), reprogramming mousey just involves pushing a few buttons and we must conclude that Tam is either a mechanical prodigy; or mouse droids are like the iPhone in terms of complexity. She gets ahold of her old commlink from Agent Tierny’s office and “calls” Kaz. Kaz is not able to decipher the code Tam sends, but Neeku is, and much to my amusement; Tam and Neeku used the code offscreen, back in Season 1 to discuss Kaz’s ineptitude as a mechanic.​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Tam's Code

Yeager and Kaz decide to meet Tam back on Castilon and everything seems to go full circle. We started at Castilon and now it seems we end on Castilon. Not so fast! Tam and the duo rendezvous successfully but the clever Agent Tierny was suspicious of Tam and put two and two together when she discovered the commlink is gone.​​​​​​​ When Kaz and Yeager reunite with Tam, Kaz is immediately accepting of her apology but Yeager is still a little ticked. As he said last season; Tam made her choice to join the First Order and she is fully responsible for her actions.​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Tam and Kaz Reunion

The First Order catches the three of them, and Tierney, in a rare moment of humanity; is legitimately disappointed that Tam turned turncoat on the First Order. However, that doesn’t deter her from ordering her execution.​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Kaz Defeats Pyre

The episode is full of fun action scenes and we see tons of heroic self-sacrifice and triumph of good over evil. The others are quick to allow Tam back into the fold and demonstrate that their strong bond has not diminished. It was cool to see Kylo Ren, but I do wonder why he cares so much about every Resistance cell. Seems like he has a lot of time on his hands as the new Supreme Leader.

Star Wars Resistance - The Escape - Kylo Ren

Final Thoughts:

​​​​​​​​​​​​I was highly satisfied with this finale, even though everybody important survived and it had the Disney stamp of survival on it. Oh well. At least it was enjoyable. And the unsung hero of this series is the hero once again – and it’s not Kaz if that’s what you’re thinking. All’s well that ends well and this two-parter gets a 91% out of 100.


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