December 6, 2022
The Mandalorian | Why Taika Waititi is Playing IG-11 and NOT IG-88

Annlyel shares her love of Taika Waititi‘s iconic assassin droid, IG-11

IG-88; the epic yet mysterious bounty hunter droid was seen in only one scene in The Empire Strikes Back. This droid, as a child, mystified me for a very understandable reason. As Darth Vader consulted with an array of bounty hunters to locate the Millennium Falcon, hence Captain Solo and Princess Leia, there were humans and aliens dressed in an eclectic assortment of clothes and armor. And among them was a single droid. I was always wowed by this droid as it stood silently, taking the dark lord’s instructions just like the other hunters. And that was it. The fascinating bounty droid was no more and never seen again in the films.

IG-88 in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Fast forward over a decade later and a live-action Star Wars show arrives to grace our small screens everywhere. The Mandalorian delivers a lot of surprises but one such surprise that I never thought I would ever get the pleasure of seeing another IG assassin droid in action.

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 IG-11

Watching IG-11 take down hordes of enemies and interact with characters during his limited time in the show was greater than I could’ve ever imagined and I would like to thank Jon Favreau for giving fans like myself this gift.


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