Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - A Crash Of Fate Book Review

The lives of two young people collide on Batuu in Zoraida Cordova’s Galaxy’s Edge tie-in ‘A Crash of Fate’.

Izal Garesa has just been dumped by her boyfriend and rejected from the crew of smugglers and mercenaries she had hoped to join when she’s offered a job by someone claiming to have known her late mother. Deliver a package to Dok Ondar on Batuu, don’t ask any questions, and she’ll be well compensated. Izzy hasn’t been back to Batuu since her family packed up and left in the middle of the night with no explanation thirteen years ago.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Crash of Fate | By Zoraida Cordova

What she believes will be a nice, easy delivery turns into the adventure she didn’t know she needed when she literally bumps into her childhood best friend Julen Rakab. Jules offers to show her around while she waits for Dok to return, but things soon turn out to be much more complicated. The two end up on the run from pirates and Izzy’s old crew. They’re going to have to work together to save Blackspire outpost from gangsters before it’s too late.

Tales From Blackspire Outpost

This book was a great introduction to Batuu and Blackspire Outpost. I haven’t been to Galaxy’s Edge yet, despite living only two hours away from Disney World in Orlando, but now I want to go even more. This book sucked me in and pulled me around for a wild ride through the outpost and the surrounding area. If it hadn’t been for the bout of Bronchitis I came down with, I’d have easily finished this in a few days since I couldn’t put it down.  It had action, adventure, mystery, and even a budding romance between Izzy and Jules.

The mystery of what happened to Dok, what was in the package, and why Izzy’s old crew were there kept me engaged and guessing. Who’s trying to double-cross Oga? Is it the First Order? Did someone hurt or kidnap Dok? All is eventually answered as Izzy and Jules race through Blackspire to deliver the mysterious package, tangle with a pilot working for Hondo, and go up against Izzy’s old crew and boyfriend as they try to save the outpost’s livelihood from the nefarious crew.

Love In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The undercurrent of romance was subtle and didn’t take away from the other elements. It was there as the two battled their attraction and pondered what life would be like if they decided to join the other either on Batuu or traveling the stars. Childhood friends to lovers is a trope I fully support in fiction, and I couldn’t not root for them as their friendship turned to attraction and then something more.

The romance is a believable slow burn and the character’s bond as friends first really enhance the overall story, not just the romantic aspect. It also reminded me a bit of Ciena and Thane from Lost Stars, but without the star-crossed lover’s aspect of the relationship.

Author Bio

Zoraida Cordova was born in Ecuador and grew up in Queens. The first book in her Bruja Born series of YA novels, Labyrinth Lost, won an International Latino Book Award in 2017 and was the School Library Journal Popular Pick. She also contributed a story to From A Certain Point of View for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary.

This book truly has something for everyone. I really enjoyed it much more than I did the last Star Wars Young Adult book I read, Queen’s Shadow. Some of Cordova’s other books are already on my To Be Read pile and I think I’m going to have to move them up the list.

If you haven’t made it to Galaxy’s Edge yet, or loved it and want to know more, this book is for you. I also highly recommend it to fans who want a fast-paced adventure story.


Star Wars: Crash of Fate by Zoraida Cordova is published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press and is available to buy in the U.S NOW! This title is set to be released in the UK on March 25.  


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