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Darcie checked out Disney Pixar‘s ‘Onward’ and found a movie that reminded her why she fell in love with Pixar in the first place!

Our writers get around. Not only do they contribute to Future of the Force, but many of them channel their passion for film into their own blogs. Writing for Just Another Film Blog, Darcie recently grabbed a bucket of popcorn and checked into her local multiplex for a screening of Disney Pixar’s Onward and found a movie that reminded her why she fell in love with Pixar in the first place!

Onward | Disney Pixar

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“The magical world and its characters are like nothing I’ve ever seen and exactly what I expect from Pixar. I would have liked to see a movie set in the past as it were, where magic was at its height – there is certainly scope for a prequel there. I loved the magical world of Onward, from the houses, the creatures, the magic and the fact that dragons are pets. Onward places focus on lost skills due to modernisation, such as a Centaur not being able to run at speed because he can drive, fairies not being able to fly because they stopped once planes were created and once-majestic unicorns are reduced to feral, mangy scavengers. This focus holds a mirror up to modern society and our lack of skills without technology – which is very clever”.

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Onward is distributed by Walt Disney Studios and is playing in cinemas everywhere NOW!


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Darcie Gray is a new addition to the Future of the Force roster. Aside from being a passionate Star Wars fan, she loves every genre of movies and she channels her passion for film into her personal blog Just Another Film Blog. Follow her on Twitter @Darcie_Letitia where she shares her love of film regularly.


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