February 1, 2023
Isolation Entertainment 'Smallville'

Anthony is on hand with his recommendation of what to watch whilst in self-quarantine.

To help beat the coronavirus blues, for the foreseeable future, members of team Future of the Force will be on hand with our recommendations of awesome entertainment to check out whilst in self-quarantine. Whether its the best TV shows, ultimate movie marathons or lesser-known gems, we’ll be here to keep you entertained during this difficult time.


Fans are spoiled when it comes to Superman. We have comics, cartoons, films and TV shows galore. If you didn’t catch the series the first time around, make it your mission to discover (or rediscover) Smallville.

The show follows a teenage Clark Kent before he becomes The Man of Steel. Smallville (named after the Kansas town where Superman grew up) deals with Clark coming to terms with his alien origin and the revelation that his arrival on Earth was connected to the death of Lana Lang’s parents. You’ll enjoy villain-of-the-week episodes in the opening season, while later chapters focus on Clarke’s Kryptonian origins.

The leading trio of Clark, love interest Lana, and a young Lex Luthor (Clark’s best friend) are charming and fun to follow. Smallville remains true to the heart of the Superman we know and love today – it’s also a great continuation of the material established in the 1978 film. Best of all, it wonderfully portrays Clark’s selflessness and his struggles between desire and obligation. It’s an excellent addition to the Superman mythology and well worth a spin in the DVD player. The theme tune Save Me by Remy Zero rocks, too.

Smallville - Superman

Let us know if you have any suggestions of great movies or TV shows our readers should check out and we’ll feature and share them with the FOTF community.

Stay safe.


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