August 12, 2022
Marvel Legends Red Guardian (Black Widow) Review

Thomas delves into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to review Hasbro’s cool-new Red Guardian action figure

Although the Black Widow movie has been delayed without a new release date set, merchandise for this movie has already been released and that includes the first wave of Marvel Legends figures! First up in the wave for review is David Harbour‘s Red Guardian.


The BAF for this wave is Crimson Dynamo (comics). This figure comes with a shield. The shield can be attached to the back of the figure which is an improvement over Captain America shields!


The art on the package for this figure depicts Red Guardian with his helmet but the figure doesn’t include it, it’s quite disappointing. A second headsculpt wouldn’t have been too much to ask! The unmasked headsculpt isn’t great, it looks more like Robin Williams than David Harbour. This figure also includes the new neck articulation, goodbye to the ugly neck joint!


Unlike for Yelena, here Hasbro respected the right body proportions for the figure and gave us a large figure! This is a pretty cool outfit with nice details and good paint apps!

This figure has 22 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts

A disappointing headsculpt but the outfit is pretty cool! Hopefully, Hasbro will release another version of this figure with a better headsculpt!


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