December 10, 2022
Star Wars: The Clone Wars ‘Deal No Deal’ Review

Max sinks his teeth into the triumphant return of The Clone Wars in Season 7.6 – “Deal No Deal”

“Deal No Deal” (yes that is the correct title) was certainly a major turn around from the lackluster start to the Ahsoka underworld arc. Ahsoka herself is more comfortable with her new “friends”, even laughing a little but she is still on guard about her Jedi past. Trace has quickly become attached to Ahsoka, but Rafa doesn’t trust her, which is understandable. Ahsoka is a mysterious stranger who seems to know a lot; for a “mechanic”.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Deal No Deal" Gallery 1

Rafa accepts some shady job and Ahsoka and Trace provide Rafa with a crew and Trace’s ship, the Silver Angel. Keeping with the trend of everyone’s a pilot and everyone has the fastest ship, Trace is obsessed with the Angel and suggesting it being taken away or stolen is out of the question. However, Trace is not the most experienced pilot. Ahsoka quickly takes the role of the “parent” and even says she wants to keep the sisters out of trouble. Dismissed as a worrywart, Rafa and Trace continue to dig themselves into a hole that even Ahsoka might not be able to get them out of. Clone Wars loves referencing the Original Trilogy and when the Angel departs Coruscant, Anakin is on the Venator Star Destroyer that is near it and Ahsoka and Anakin both sense each other.

Star Wars The Clone Wars "On the Wings of Keeradaks" 3

Wullf Yularen, the General on board asks Anakin if he wants to stop the ship. Anakin pauses but then says no and allows them to leave. He will do this 24 years later, as a much different person when sensing his son Luke on a stolen shuttle. While I actually did like this throwback; it once again causes a plot inconsistency. We are in the year 19 BBY and mere weeks away from the events of Revenge Of The Sith. Anakin tells Padme when he returns to Coruscant in Sith that he never thought the long months of the Outer Rim Sieges would end. Yet, here he is, above the capital. The Clone Wars team never really cared to honor the movies that came before the show. It really annoys me. I’m all about order and consistency.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Deal No Deal" Gallery 4

Anyway, the story was very fun to watch and Rafa and Trace are pretty interesting characters. Rafa is moral, but she is desperate for credits and basically accepts a job to transport drugs for a crime organization. Ahsoka objects heavily to it; but due to extremely poor decisions, they find themselves in a Corellian pickle. The people they owe the shipment to are the Pykes, a group of cold-blooded gangster type aliens that were made by Lucas himself.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Deal No Deal" Gallery 2

I LOVE the design of the Pykes; they evolved to have tiny faces on large, broadheads. This is an example of liking something without a discernible reason. I like the Pykes and I don’t know why. The characters make many mistakes in this episode and it shows how young and inexperienced they are; even a seasoned former Jedi padawan like Ahsoka. Even the moral at the beginning of the episode references how mistakes can be dangerous. I am very hooked on this arc now, and I hope that for the Martez sister’s sake that Ahsoka has a plan to fix all the damage the 3 of them have wrought.

Super excited- this episode gets a solid A.


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