Hot Toys Iron Man MK-XLIII (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) Review

Thomas fired up his arc reactor to review the INCREDIBLE Iron Man Age Of Ultron reissue from Hot Toys

Today a new review, Iron Man MK-XLIII from Avengers Age Of Ultron. Recently, Hot Toys has begun to release reissues on popular Iron Man figures and this is one of them. I don’t own the first release but from what I’ve read changes included with this re-release are brighter and richer colors.


First of all, the box is pretty huge. It’s different from other Hot Toys figures, it’s massive (really high and thick) because it’s a diecast figure and needs to be better protected. The box is really beautiful in these colors. It opens in two and inside another box, this one is a polystyrene box.


Iron Man comes with the usual user guide, (read it carefully before unboxing the figure itself, it explains everything about it), 6 interchangeable hands, 2 additional wrist armor pieces, one interchangeable arm missile launcher piece, a helmeted Tony Stark headsculpt, a damaged Iron Legion upper torso, a basic stand, batteries, and a screwdriver. Only use the stand that is included for the figure as it is a heavy figure, the other stands won’t be able to hold it. The stand is quite big, I like it when display stands are created to replicate environments and not just something written on it. You got a silver nameplate on it, it’s beautiful. And to go with it, the damaged Iron Legion torso that was controlled by Ultron. For something that goes with a stand, it’s highly detailed, it’s not diecast, it’s plastic but still, it’s pretty incredible. The head and arm are movable.

Like I mentioned before, it’s a diecast figure so it is heavy, so be careful when you hold it. There are a few pieces that are made of plastic but most of it isn’t. It’s incredibly detailed with amazing paint apps, the paint even has some battle-damage on it, it feels like a battle armor, which is much more realistic. It’s movie accurate.


This one has an impressive number of points of articulation – 46 more maximum articulation, it includes 2 POA for aileron on the back for flight mode. I can’t say it enough but before posing the figure, read the user guide, they explain everything to pose. For a better range of articulation for the legs, you have to push a button on the back, it’s really technical so read the manual! One set of hands has articulated fingers so you can pose the hand any way you want, which is as awesome as it gets, I was definitely impressed by this! Each hand has 20 points of articulation.


The Tony Stark helmeted head is awesome. It’s spot-on Robert Downey Jr, an excellent face sculpt! The faceplate of the helmet works with magnets so you can remove it if you want, or put it on the top of the helmet. Because it’s Iron Man and it’s a Hot Toys figures, it has the LED light-up option. It took me about 10 minutes to insert all the batteries. For the helmet, it’s incredibly tricky because it has magnets so the batteries are drawn towards the magnets. If you are patient enough, you can do it, just be aware it takes time. The light-up system is wonderful!


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Final Thoughts:

As a big Iron Man fan, this one is a must-have, it’s simply incredible. Because these are light-up and diecast figures, these are expensive so if you want an Iron Man Hot Toys figure, be sure to buy your favorite armor. I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to check out my unboxing video of this magnificent Hot Toys figure, on our YouTube channel!


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