October 3, 2022
Star Wars Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Check out the awesome trailer for the Disney+ Behind-The-Scenes Documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

This week has been a great week for The Mandalorian. Not only have we learned that pre-production on Season 3 is already well underway, but today, Lucasfilm has released the long-awaited trailer for the all-new Disney Plus behind-the-scenes series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. The series, which will launch on the streamer on May 4th (Or Star Wars Day to us Force users) will peel back the curtain on the popular series and give us a window until what it took to bring season one to our screens!

Here’s the official line:

Go beyond the making of The Mandalorian. Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, an Original Series, starts streaming May the 4th, only on Disney+.

And if that wasn’t enough to have you reaching for your blaster pistols with glee Lucasfilm also unveiled the suitably cool new poster for the series which you can see below:


How cool is this?! I cannot wait for this series and will be grinning from ear to ear come Star Wars Day. I’ll be the one sitting on the sofa clutching my Baby Yoda and cheering “This Is The Way!” as loud as my lungs will allow. I urge you to join me…we are in lockdown after all!

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney Plus on May the 4th!


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