February 6, 2023

Thomas enters the domain of Doctor Doom for his latest Marvel Legends review

Recently Marvel Legends released a Fantastic Four wave that included the classic Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom! The Build-A-Figure character for this wave is a Super Skrull.


As always with Marvel Legends, Hasbro makes the effort of giving us interchangeable parts as often as they can! With this one, you have 2 additional interchangeable hands, an additional interchangeable headsculpt, and a pistol. The pistol is all black and is an old fashion gun. The gun fits in the holster.


The armor is pretty cool. Hasbro doesn’t use metallic paints so they opted for a shiny silver paint. It’s a good one for a comics figure, it does the job. The outfit has plenty of detail – on the armor, and on the belt. My favorite is the embroidered effect “D” on the holster. It’s the little details that make all the difference!

This figure has 22 points of articulation. The plastic cape obviously limits the articulation range but you can still get some great poses!


Because it is a figure based on comics, they didn’t use the digital face print technology and it’s definitely noticeable when you look at the eyes. I think they should also use it for these figures because it improves the finish a lot! The hooded helmets are great sculpts but obviously, the eye paint apps are not as good as I’d hoped.  The two different heads have different helmet sculptures and different hoods so you can have different comics look which is great!


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Final Thoughts:

A pretty cool figure, it’s great to finally have a Doctor Doom among the Marvel Legends ranks!


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