Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Shattered’ Review

Max continues his review of  The Clone Wars in Season 7.11 – “Shattered”

Execute Order 66! The time has come and The Clone Wars are grinding to a halt with the most epic events of the entire Prequel trilogy upon us. However, even though this arc hit the ground running; I feel it definitely peaked with the last episode and has now dropped considerably.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Shattered 3

“Shattered’s” story was rushed, anti-climactic, and full of inconsistencies. First off, I always assumed the events of the Revenge of the Sith occurred over a week or two, but now it would appear that the death of Count Dooku to Order 66 was less than a day! My time dilation theory doesn’t really hold water any more and this glaring inconsistency is really an eyesore. More positively, despise this; it was fun to see Ahsoka join the holo-teleconference between the Jedi where Mace says he senses a plot to destroy the Jedi. Ahsoka comes in when the scene from ROTS originally ended and while Yoda is warm to her; Mace is very cold and holds somewhat of a grudge that Ahsoka is no longer part of the Order. Mace’s frostiness is very un-Jedi like and because of this; Ahsoka does not tell them what Maul said about Anakin. Maybe if Mace had been less of a jerk, she would’ve shared the knowledge and history could’ve turned out differently. In a sense; Windu sent a Republic on its final downward spiral.

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Order 66 is initiated mid-route to Coruscant from Mandalore and another contradiction occurs. In Rebels, Rex said he never turned on the Jedi, but here, he gets the Order from Palpatine, and yeah; tries to shoot Ahsoka. Either Rex lied to Kanan or suffered from some accelerated clone aging dementia. Rex fails initially and then (very cognizably) mobilizes the clones to hunt down and destroy Ahsoka. I’m sure there is a reason for this plot hole but I would’ve liked something along the lines of Rex physically fighting himself from shooting his gun or telling her to run from the other clones. Ahsoka releases Maul and uses him as a distraction while she finds out what happened to Rex. She felt the deaths of the Jedi throughout the galaxy (like Yoda) and hears echoes of the events of Anakin’s transition into Vader. Odd though, it seemed they used Hayden Christensen’s voice from Revenge Of The Sith and not that of series regular, Matt Lanter.

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Despite having no lightsaber, Maul kicks clones butt with nothing but the Force and a few physical improvisations! Some of the clone deaths were particularly brutal for Disney and much like Mace; Ahsoka makes a mistake in not teaming up with Maul when he suggests so. They could’ve really helped Obi-Wan and Yoda against the Sith. Ahsoka stubbornly wants nothing to do with him. Ahsoka activates some R2 units to help her out and one of them just pulls a file out of “thin air” that tells Ahsoka about the inhibitor chip. Why is this holo-file so easy to access? What database did he pull it from? They had to physically download the Death Star plans in Rogue One. The file should not have been brought up so easily.


Ahsoka also apparently knows how to assist in brain surgery. All these lazy, quick plot progressions really didn’t do it for me and Ahsoka’s evasion was also boring and silly (with her little munchkin helpers). I was expecting something more death-defying and with one episode left in the entire series; I really hope the story is wrapped up properly. The Story Group already has a lot of explaining to do. I give “Shattered” a C.


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