October 2, 2022

Thomas returns to Gotham City to review Tamashii’s incredible new Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey

Originally planned for March, Bandai had little alternative but to delay the release of its S.H. Figuarts Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey due to the coronavirus pandemic. But she’s finally here!


This figure comes with 3 different head sculpts, 2 roller feet, 8 interchangeable hands, and Harley’s mallet. The ponytails are detachable, so you can put them on the different head sculpts.


Speaking of headsculpt, Figuarts has done an incredible job with Margot Robbie‘s likeness. It’s way better than Mafex and Mafex already had done pretty good head sculpts for the character! Figuarts really captures the different facial expressions of Robbie as Harley. The first headsculpt has a smiling expression, the second is with a lollipop in her mouth and serious expression and the last is the excited Harley expression. The three head sculpts are all excellent, I wouldn’t say one is better than the other in terms of likeness and how good it is. However, I will say that the lollipop headsculpt could have been replaced by a simple serious headsculpt without the lollipop. As for the hair color, I will say that Figuarts often has a slight problem with blond hair and I think we found this problem here once again. They use yellow paint that doesn’t feel like natural blond hair and so it feels a bit weird. It’s not a major problem though because the figure still looks great but the hair color could definitely be better.


This figure has 26 points of articulation. The roller feet only have one POA each, unlike the basic feet, though you can easily pose Harley with the rollers. It’s a great accessory they included and I think, it’s something Figuarts wouldn’t have done two years ago but they have improved over the years with their accessories and I’m very grateful! I love the outfit they chose for this figure because Figuarts is always great with gold shiny paints and they totally nailed it here! They were more careful with the details for this Harley and got the tattoos right along with the rings on her fingers! I applaud them for the efforts! The necklace is a separate piece so you can remove it if you want! The rollers also have shiny beautiful and colorful paint apps!

The mallet has really good paint apps but that’s usual for weapons with Figuarts!


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Final Thoughts:

The best 6inch figure of the DCEU Harley Quinn, it’s a must-have!


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