My Favorite Star Wars Collection Piece

In celebration of Star Wars Day, Katelyn reveals her favorite item from her growing Star Wars collection

Star Wars is packed full of incredible collectibles via movies, books, comics, games, and television shows. The task to try to pick a favorite item for this exciting Star Wars day almost seems daunting…almost, however, there is one item that stands above the rest…

My Favorite Star Wars Collection Piece

It wasn’t until we moved that I realized how large my Star Wars collection had become. My current display can’t even hold all of it. But after going through and arranging everything, my favorite piece is one of the smallest. A little R2-D2 until that’s only a few inches tall. It’s a Kenner original from 1977 when A New Hope was released. It still has the original sticker as well. The legs still move as well, which isn’t common anymore.

My Favorite Star Wars Collection Piece

Someone took care of this little R2 so we could enjoy it later.


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