Superman And Lois Announcement Poster

The CW’s new Superman series gets a suitably super poster to promote its January release date

Although some countries are finally starting to emerge from the long shadow cast by the Coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide film and television industry is still being forced to reconfigure its schedule. And sadly, The CW is no different.

On Wednesday, The CW released its 2020/2021 television season schedule, and the effect of the coronavirus is being felt across the board. In fact, the only series from its bumper crop of shows to return to our screens before the end of the year will be Supernatural. The fall will be when The CW will debut its recently acquired lone season of Swamp Thing season that it obtained from DC Universe.


Once we cross into 2021, the Arrowverse will strike back with a vengeance. In fact, come January the entire roster will return in full force and will boast the exciting addition of Superman & Lois. The hotly anticipated series is being viewed as the perfect replacement for the recently retired Arrow and will fly effortlessly into the primetime 9pm slot on Tuesday nights. However, despite the all-new Superman series joining the party, the regular CW crossover event will be far more modest than we’re used to. Unlike the mindblowing Crisis On Infinite Earth’s crossover, The CW has confirmed that only Batwoman and Superman & Lois will be involved this time around.

In the plus column, The CW dropped an all-new poster for the upcoming Superman series which you can see below. The poster features the two title characters set against the backdrop of a gloriously lit Metropolis skyline. Also, the poster serves to confirm the official January release slot.

Superman And Lois Poster

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch and will follow “the world’s most famous Super Hero and comic books’ most famous journalist as they deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society.” Like the other Arrowverse shows, the series will be headed by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.


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