January 31, 2023
Hasbro Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures BOBA FETT

Phil Unboxes the awesome new Galaxy Of Adventures Boba Fett action figure for our new YouTube channel.

Welcome to another unboxing video from our all-new Future of the Force YouTube channel. In our newest video, Phil is taking a look at the new 5″ Hasbro Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Boba Fett action figure. This figure is only just reaching store shelves – so get ahead of the game and check it out!

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Phil Roberts is the Owner, Daily Content Manager, and Editor-In-Chief of the Future of the Force. He is passionate about Star Wars, Batman, DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, King Kong, and the Ray Harryhausen movies. Follow him on Twitter @philthecool where he uses the force and babbles frequently!


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Source: FOTF TV on YouTube


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