An Important Message From The Future Of The Force Team

We stand together. Black Lives Matter.

The entire team here at The Future of the Force pride ourselves in our neutrality and respectfully keep our opinions to ourselves regarding many aspects in the world outside of the entertainment sector. However, on this occasion, we find ourselves unable to continue without addressing the recent events that have emerged in the past few days.

Our website was established to provide a place for passionate fans to voice their opinions on the Movies, Television shows, Toys, Books, Events, and Entertainment we love. Nobody associated with this site receives a financial incentive for their work. We are simply fans writing for fans. Our website is built upon the foundations of inclusion and we have been honored to welcome writers of all races, colors, and nationalities into our ranks. Every voice matters. 

On this occasion, we believe it is time to break our silence. We wish to add all of our voices to those demanding for attitudes to be changed. We stand alongside John Boyega. We stand with our fellow black colleagues, readers, friends, and the entire Black community. Together we stand against racism. 


Thank You. 


The Future of the Force. The future of pop culture writing.


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