October 6, 2022
Project Luminous Revealed - The High Republic

Will Star Wars: The High Republic advance the technology of the galaxy far, far away? Max investigates

Star Wars is awesome in all its forms. However, one of the strangest things about Star Wars Legends arose when Lucasfilm decided to go back in time and tell a story that took place thousands of years before The Phantom Menace. About 4000 to be exact and I suppose they picked such a far distant date to avoid any cross-overs that might arise with their new characters and classic characters. While this is a good idea, they showed a little bit of laziness when designing the ancient Star Wars world. Instead of trying to be realistic; they gave us an Old Republic that used the EXACT same technology as the Prequel and Original Trilogy.

Corsucant - Star Wars The Phantom Menace

I just thought it was bizarre that technology would stagnate for thousands of years and they would have the same ships and laser guns as they did for thousands of years. If we go back 4000 years in our real world; the differences are beyond incomprehensible. I understand that they wanted to tell similar stories and not be bogged down by lack of “equipment” but now (at least in canon), from the Originals to the Sequels; tech did advance and it was only over 30 years or so. How can nothing change for millennia but then change in a few decades? Star Wars has a chance to redeem itself with the upcoming High Republic.

Star Wars The High Republic - A Test Of Courage

It takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace and it would behoove the authors to show things as more primitive than what later emerged in the Prequels. I get that hyperspace travel is an “old” technology but maybe the weapons or medical care could be less advanced. Bernard Steigler says that technology never slows down or stops progressing and I believe him!

Please High Republic. Be sensible. Make it old.


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1 thought on “Star Wars | Will the High Republic Make The Same Mistake?

  1. When the tech is so far advanced already it is likely to evolve rather sprint ahead. 200 years would be nothing in this process. Tech would improve in small increments for the most part.

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